IT’S HERE – my new comic series! Told you I wasn’t neglecting drawing. My new, longer comic series is now available to read on both Tapastic and Webtoon Discover sites. (as for now the new series is only available to read in English) A LITTLE ABOUT WEBTOON DISCOVER and MY NEW SERIES The new series … More NEW COMIC SERIES!

Announcement + Comic Update (PL/Eng)

[PL] Mały updejcik: Blogowa przeprowadzka, przerwa i nowe komiksy Jak pisałam w jednym ze styczniowych postów ten rok, rok 2016, jest rokiem zmian, zarówno blogowych jak i życiowych. Ale na razie opowiem o tych blogowych. Nie trudno zauważyć, że w tym miesiącu pojawił się na blogu tylko jeden komiks, i można by śmiało pomyśleć, że autorka … More Announcement + Comic Update (PL/Eng)

Being an artist

It is hard to be an artist – seriously hard Recently I had a little bit of breakdown… and that is the reason why I have barely posted anything this month. Being an artist or aspiring to be a good artist comes with a lot of pressure and stress. I am not sure if people … More Being an artist

Comic (Episode 012): Customer service in… Japan, Poland and England [post in Eng/PL]

CUSTOMER SERVICE IN… JAPAN, POLAND and ENGLAND Customer service, a vital part of any shopping experience. In today’s short comic’s episode I have decided to portray mine and my husband’s experiences of being customers in Japan, Poland and England. [PL] Customer service – obsługa klienta, najważniejszą częścią zakupów. Dzisiejszy komiks przedstawia doświadczenia moje i mojego męża … More Comic (Episode 012): Customer service in… Japan, Poland and England [post in Eng/PL]

Poland and Japan in illustration (blog cover explained)

The illustration below was inspired by some of the iconic buildings of Poland. For the illustration’s background I have chosen to draw Tatra Mountains with a Polish flag. This is one of the illustration parts chosen for this blog’s cover image. I thought that combing images of Poland and Japan would nicely illustrate the differences between … More Poland and Japan in illustration (blog cover explained)

Comic Coming soon

So I have been working very intensely on my comic idea for the past few weeks. It is something that I have been storyboarding and preparing for some time time now and I have to say that so far, it is looking pretty darn cute. I am super exited about adding colour, I am hoping … More Comic Coming soon