Being an artist

It is hard to be an artist – seriously hard Recently I had a little bit of breakdown… and that is the reason why I have barely posted anything this month. Being an artist or aspiring to be a good artist comes with a lot of pressure and stress. I am not sure if people … More Being an artist

Poland and Japan in illustration (blog cover explained)

The illustration below was inspired by some of the iconic buildings of Poland. For the illustration’s background I have chosen to draw Tatra Mountains with a Polish flag. This is one of the illustration parts chosen for this blog’s cover image. I thought that combing images of Poland and Japan would nicely illustrate the differences between … More Poland and Japan in illustration (blog cover explained)

Cute Pencil Sketches

More character design and cute children illustration. Cute momiji style character designs. (inspired by Japanese kimono and Polish national costumes – stroje ludowe)       – Puppy design – watercolour sketches. Two cupids – older sketches, but worth posting x]


Quick digital illustration of pug puppy. (Adobe Illustrator and pencil sketch)