Hi, my name is Agata, and I am a Polish girl married to a Japanese boy named Yutaka.

I first met my husband when we were both studying at University in the UK. Being in an intercultural relationship means that we are bound to face challenges different from those that are faced by non-intercultural couples, but event though we misunderstand each other more often then others do we still enjoy the rewarding adventure which is our marriage.

I have started drawing little comics about my daily life as Japanese man’s wife after we got married. At first it was a private project (more like a drawn diary) which has gradually transformed into an online comic idea. 

photos drawnkimonos
konnichiwa darin cover agata nozaki manga



I have always been interested in drawing. At University I have studied animation and placed all of my focus on the traditional hand drawn animation. Now, apart from drawing comic, I create illustrations working with both digital and traditional mediums. My inspiration comes mainly from Japanese and Polish folklore and culture.

Favourite softwares: Adobe Illustrator, Manga Studio, Photoshop and After Effects (video compositing software).

Favourite drawing tools: watercolours, Copic markers, coloured pencils and line pens. 

COPYRIGHT MESSAGE – using any of the blog’s content, images, illustrations, comics and any other parts of intelectual property without my permission is prohibited.

Copyright © Agata Nozaki all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and your artwork. I really relate! I have similar interests to you (art, manga, kdrama, etc). I’m a halfie! My mom is Filipino and my dad is English; I look Filipino. My significant other (for 5 years) is Polish and we live in the US. I like your sense of humor and style because it feels familiar. I experience art depression too. If you feel down, I hope you can smile because I am a big fan!


    1. Thank you for such nice words of encouragement Melissa. Your comment really made my day and brought a big smile onto my face xD. I am really happy to know that you like my art and that makes me really motivated to continue working harder on my stories.


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