Comic: How to eat Japanese Curry

curry wt 02 curry wt 03 curry wt 04 curry wt 05


POLKA AND JAPAN is back with a new comic episode!

I always thought of chopsticks as the Japanese/ Asian equivalent to fork and knife therefore I just assumed that foods that aren’t liquids would be eaten using them. It wasn’t until I met Yutaka that I found that I was wrong. For our first date we went to a Japanese restaurant and I had ordered my favourite dish – Japanese curry. When Yutaka saw me reaching for chopsticks he explained to me that I should use spoon instead because that’s how they eat curry in Japan. I felt pretty embarrassed about it but, it was an honest mistake that I hoped he would forget about – but I was so wrong. Instead this story had become the number one funny story that my husband tells to everyone he knows.

The comics are also available to read on:




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