Holidays and After

holiday and after eng

I love travelling!

New Country, new culture, new landscape and new cuisine.

It is always exiting to explore new places and new cultures… and of course new food. Each time we travel to a new country we make sure to eat as much of the local food as possible (even if it means over eating – after all this is what holidays are for, right? ;]). As a result we always end up coming back home a little bit more heavier then we were before the travel. And we go onto a diet to loose the newly gained kilograms, but we (or rather I) always bring back home some of the local confectionery and so the diet is always delayed until the last bar of chocolate is eaten. x]

Recently we had visited Milan in Italy, and it was awesome. Italian pizza and Italian ice-cream are the best in the entire world! It is worth travelling there just to stuff yourself with margaritas and gelato. xD


Komiksy po Polsku. <kliknij tutaj>


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