Is that my toothbrush?

busy eng anSo busy, that we have no time to properly take care of our house and are loosing our toothbrushes \(>o<)/.

Lately my husband and I have been quite busy with work and so we didn’t have much time to take care of our house. And so our normally tidy little flat ended up being, well pretty untidy. Although it is not like we had dirty dishes piling up everywhere, there were quite a lot of clothes and papers lying here and there, and of course couple of our things went missing.

This kind of periods when we are both simultaneously extremely busy and tired don’t happen to us too often, however this time of year has proven to be quite difficult. Yutaka has been really focusing on finishing his tasks for work before the end of this year and as for me well because of the Christmas peak my day job has been quite demanding. Still I have tried not to neglect my comics and kept on drawing as much as it was physically possible. x]


Read this comic episode in Polish. CLICK HERE TO READ IN POLSKI.

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