Harajuku – Shopping in Japan

harajuku 01 eng-01

HARAJUKU is one of my favourite shopping places in Tokyo.

Takeshita Street

When we visited Japan last year I was really exited to not only experience the Japanese culture, and to see a lot of beautiful modern and traditional buildings but also to go shopping (hihi xD). One thing about me is that I absolutely love, love, love fashion (especially Korean and Japanese), and I love shopping for clothes, bags, accessories, etc. However I am quite a picky person with a specific taste, and so I often end up in a situation when I absolutely cannot find anything that I like or would wear. That is why I always take my time when shopping.

Harajuku is an absolutely amazing place for fashion.

Harajuku is a place crowded with bigger and smaller stores filled with cute hair pins, bags, jumpers, dresses, stationery etc. Stalls and cafeterias selling rolled crepes, waffles, coffee and ice-cream. And of course underground places with popular among high school girls Purikura*. Shopping there has been like the best treasure hunt adventure I could have ever experienced. And that is why Harajuku is definitely on the top of my list of places to visit in Japan. x]

(*PURIKURA – Photo Booth)

Waffles in Harajuku
Shop in Harajuku










Read this comic episode in Polish. CLICK HERE TO READ IN POLSKI.



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