Comic: How my husband and I react to problems

how we react to problems_agatanozaki

My husband and I react differently in various situations. In our relationship I am the one that always panics when we are facing a problem while he always stays calm.

Japanese vocabulary used in this comic:

SHOUGANAI しょうがない – It can’t be helped

Technical side of drawing these comics:
All of my comics are drawn by hand. I use variety of black ink pens, pencils, bristol paper and lightbox and these are my standard drawing tools. However when it comes to applying colours, I am still in a process of experimenting. That is why all of my comics so far have been either black and white, black and white with screentones, inked digitally or coloured with Copic Markers. But I am yet to find a technique that works the best for me and the comics.

All of my comics are available in both Polish and English. (☆^ー^☆)


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