Comic: But we are already married (Japanese people look so young)

we are already married eng(agatanozaki)

Few weeks ago Yutaka and I went for a stroll in the city centre, did a little window shopping and of course went for a coffee. When we were walking past the Town Hall Yutaka noticed a cool car parked on the side, the type that is really popular for weddings (especially in the UK). And because he really likes rare looking cars he snapped a photo of it with his phone.
While we were talking about the car and the wedding that was happening at the Town Hall, a gentleman dressed in tuxedo suddenly approach us and asked if we were thinking of getting married in the future – (I guess we might have looked like someone that is planning a wedding, with taking photos and stuff) – but we have promptly replied with smiles on our faces that we are already married. The look on the gentleman’s face was unforgettable, his eyes immediately widened and his jaw dropped, I guess he must have been really shocked.

This kind of situations happen to us really often, people are always surprised when they learn that we are married and even more surprised when we tell them that we have been married for over two years now. I guess we look quite young, especially my husband. Asian people usually appear younger then they actually are. When my family met Yutaka for the first time my dad thought that he was 15 years old, which by the way is a little bit over exaggerate (I wouldn’t date someone that young ¬_¬). Even I was fouled at the beginning and thought that he was younger than me because he looked no more than 20 years old, but he turned out to be older than me x].


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