Comic (Episode 13): Homeland food in UK’s supermarkets

Living abroad means we don’t get to buy the food that normally is available in the stores back home, but thankfully there are specialists shops where we can buy Polish and Japanese food, and local supermarkets also sell a small range of world food products. But I have to say that shopping for Japanese food is definitely more challenging then shopping for Polish food. You can find Polish shop in every town in Britain, but a shop specialising in selling only Japanese produce – only in the capital. When we lived in London buying Japanese food was easy, expensive, but easy, however since we moved outside of London the only place we can buy some of the Japanese produce are Asian food stores, which are mainly Chinese.

Anyways… Today’s post is about our experience of shopping in one of the local supermarkets in the UK (won’t say which one). We shop there quite often because it is on our way home from the city centre, and each time we are there we stop to get some rice which is placed right next to the Asian food section. One time I have noticed that they have placed Polish raspberry concentrated juice (SOK MALINOWY) among the products from Asia. Only one Polish produce among cupped ramen, soy sauce and curry powder. I though it was quite funny and that they have probably made a mistake, but I went back there few times now and the juice is still in the Asian food section x]

sok manga agata nozaki 01 sok manga agata nozaki 02 sok manga agata nozaki 03 sok manga agata nozaki 04 sok manga agata nozaki 05 sok manga agata nozaki 06 sok manga agata nozaki 07 sok manga agata nozaki 08 sok manga agata nozaki 09 sok manga agata nozaki 10


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