Episode 001 – Sukiyaki – すきやき

こんにちはダーリン, MY HUSBAND IS JAPANESE – Episode 001 – SUKIYAKI/ すきやき

(Japanese Husband and Polish wife adventures manga)

japanese husband comic - sukiyaki 01

japanese husband comic - sukiyaki 02

The first time me and my husband had sukiyaki he asked me for a raw egg – nama tamago (なまたまご). At first I didn’t know what he was going to do with it, and I was really shocked to learn that he was just dipping the pieces off meat in a raw egg.
European people, well at least Polish people don’t eat raw eggs (my family doesn’t), but Japanese people like it. When I asked if they are not afraid of getting sick I was told that in Japan eggs are washed and that is why eating them raw is not a big deal – at least that is what my husband thinks.

You can read this manga in Japanese here, 日本語で読むにはここから.


2 thoughts on “Episode 001 – Sukiyaki – すきやき

  1. Yes this took some getting used to for me too. Now it’s no problem for me but we never eat raw egg outside of Japan. I don’t trust American eggs.


    1. I grew up being told that eating raw eggs is dangerous and you might get sick – like salmonella and stuff, which is ironic because there is one Polish dish that main ingredients are raw meat and raw egg, but I have never eaten it, and it is more like restaurant food. I have however tried eating sukiyaki with egg (it was long after I have posted this comic xD), it was good but I am not sure if I am a fan of raw eggs > <.


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